Miniature Video Microscope Zoom Lens
The zoom focusing system does not affect its outer dimensions while varying the magnification adjustment from min. to max.
The lenses mount easily to any "C" or "CS" mount camera. An iris adjustment allows for use with inexpensive light sources.
  • High resolution variable objective lens
  • High Dynamic range
  • Miniature Size
  • Variable iris for maximum depth of field
  • Lockable focus & zoom adjust
Converts  high dynamic range video cameras into powerful video microscopes. The inspection lenses use a reversible design so that in one direction it becomes a video microscope objective and when reversed a close - up or standard zoom lens. Works with any 1/2" C-mount camera. A Continuously variable iris allows increase in depth of field with increasing light levels. Outperforms microscope objectives in contrast at high magnifications. Video images up to 110x can be obtained on a 9" monitor with the V

Variable Objective
2x - 4x
67 - 110x
Reversed Focal Length
8 - 16mm
f1.6 - close
Min. Mag on 9" monitor
Max. Mag on 9" monitor
Length of lens system
Working distance
14.5mm - 20mm