Pinhole Adapter Lens for camcorders
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Private Eye Pinhole Lens For Camcorders

The Private Eye (V-PI) pinhole lens is the most cost effective way to handle your surveillance needs without having to pay for a costly installation. By converting a camcorder that has a 27mm, 30mm or 37mm filter thread into a high quality surveillance tool there is no need for a separate recording device and it can be moved avywhere, easily. This special lens gives 70° of viewing through a tiny hole that is about the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen! It can operate inside a bag, a suitcase or behind a curtain, wall or bookcase. The Private eye comes with four adapter rings designed to fit on most modern Sony, Canon, Panasonic and JVC digital and analog cameras.
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Pinhole Adapter Lens voor camcorders

  • Installs directly on to front of camcorder zoom lens with quick mount tip sleeve
  • Angle of view - 70° (allows you to observe the motion of a nearby person)
  • Expands the view angle of camcorders
  • High resolution image
  • High Fidelity TV image
  • High quality optics maintain picture quality
  • Compatible with most camcorders using four included lens adapter rings
    • 37mm × 0.75 (Sony analog)
    • 30mm × 0.75 (Sony digital)
    • 30.5mm × 0.5 (Panasonic)
    • 27mm × 0.5 (JVC)
    • The V-ZCAM4 pinhole lens allows using most camcorders with 37mm, 30.5mm, 30mm or 27mm filter thread for covert applications. It can operate inside a bag or suitcase and behind a curtain or wall. The pinhole lens has specially designed optics that inverts the image allowing controls to be accessed through a bag or suitcase. It comes with four different lens adapter rings for use with most camcorders in the market.